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We would love to speak at your next event.

IMG_8664We are available to speak at your event, conference, church, gathering (of any sort). Simply fill out the contact form below!

Topics could include:


  • Parenting with Hope
  • Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering
  • Special Needs Parenting
  • Faith in Adversity
  • Leading Others When Your Prayers are Unanswered


  • Parenting with Severe Food Allergies
  • Medical Procedures from Parents Point of View
  • Palliative Care


Here are a few of the venues where we have spoken:

  • Lockhart Correctional Facility Women’s Unit – Lockhart, TX
  • Lehman High School – Kyle, TX
  • State of Texas Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Training Program – Austin, TX
  • TX State University Physical Therapy Program – San Marcos, TX
  • PromiseLand Church – San Marcos, TX
  • New Life Fellowship – San Antonio, TX
  • The Hills Fellowship – Nashville, TX
  • Central Triad Church – Winston Salem, NC
  • Christ Church –  West Monroe, LA
  • PromiseLand Church – Waco, TX
  • PromiseLand Church – Austin, TX
  • Life Austin Church – Austin, TX
  • Epicenter Church – Long Beach, CA



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