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ebookQWe are on a Mission.

We are on a mission to hang out with people like you.  We know that life as a parent is DIFFICULT.  Our desire is that you could spend 10 minutes a week reading our posts and discover that you are not alone and you are going to make it.  We hope that our normal days, challenges, and victories will shed some light in your world.  Laugh with us! Ask us questions.  Let’s walk this together.  The easiest way to stay connected with us is to sign up for our weekly email.  That way you don’t have to come here to look for new posts or try to wade through your Facebook feed.  We will send you an email as soon as we post something new. For those that sign up to get emails, we want to connect with you further.  We want to hook you up with stuff that we will not be posting on the blog.

(Like FREE stuff.)  We all like that.  Robin’s eBook is now available. We will send you the link to download his book for Kindle or any other eReader you use.

We will never sell, trade, spam or do anything sleazy with your information.

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