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PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX

I (Robin) was sitting in my office on a slow Tuesday afternoon, when my boss (and pastor) walked in and said, “I think I am going to start a church in San Marcos.  Would you like to be a part of it?”  I immediately responded, “I want to be as involved as you will let me!”  He replied, “Great. I want you to be in charge of the sound system.”  At the time, I was 26 years old and was my church’s Children’s Pastor.

About 2 months later, Kenneth Phillips launched a Friday night worship service in San Marcos at a borrowed church.  Around 50 people from the church in Austin,TX, would travel 45miles south to San Marcos and join around 30 locals for a passionate, old school revival style church service.  I would set up the sound system and make sure the levels were good.  We had a great time.  About 3 months into it, Pastor Phillips came back into my office and said, “You need to pray about being the pastor of this church in San Marcos.”

I prayed and fasted and heard from God.  It was a green light.  I was excited and scared.  Leaving my secure church and job and launching into the unknown was not exactly in my comfort zone.  I typically like everything very well planned and organized.  This was the opposite.  We had a 1 year old daughter.  What if this thing didn’t work? What were we going to do? I had never been the senior leader of a church. I had never been to seminary.  I had a degree in Marketing from Texas State University.  Was I ready?  We were put in a position to completely trust that God was in control.

The next Friday night, Pastor Phillips stood before the group and announced that I would become the new pastor of this church.  He also anointed 4 men to be elders in the church.  From that point, he told us that we were on our own.  Go!

We started meeting on the Texas State Campus on Sunday nights.  We had around 50 at this point.  That number included adults, kids, crickets…anything that moved.  We had worship services the best way we knew how.  Pray, plan, and go for it.  Jacob Lowery was our worship leader.  He was my partner in the ministry and I can’t imagine the first 5 years of PromiseLand without him.  Wow! Such a strong leader, musician, worshipper.

We met at Texas State for 2 years before acquiring our first property in 2005.  We found 10 acres and a 12,000 sq ft empty warehouse that we did NOT have the money for.  We prayed. We were turned down by 6 banks.  Finally, Prosperity Bank said, “Yes!”  We moved in and started remodeling.  There are so many miracles that happened in those early years to make things work.  Our membership grew to around 400 in the first three years.  We out grew the building and started multiple services.  We had three morning services for a while before we started talking about adding another facility.

IMG_1655In 2012, we built a new worship center next door to our previous building.  The membership has grown to well over 1000.  We have built churches in Africa, homes in Mexico, started a new campuses in Waco, Gary Job Corp, South Austin and the local prison.  Our church is based on small groups.  There are groups meeting all over the area throughout the week ministering to people in all places of life.


If you want more info on our church and how we pastor, I encourage you to check out my blog especially for pastors/church leaders:  I post all my sermon notes, leadership ideas, and church plans over there.  You can watch our services online:  We also have a podcast of every week’s message: click here for iTunes.  To listen on your computer or other (non iTune device) click here.


  1. God has done amazing things through you, Erica and the whole PSM team…we are so happy for you all! The most exciting part is that the best is yet to come!

    • Thank you, Erik. Your family played a huge role in our church launch!


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